Merry Christmas!

Though I was never on the road during Christmas, my trip through the South did provide for a seasonal moment.

This came on the last two days of my travels– the latter of which was defined by racing a blizzard north through the western reaches of North Carolina. The threat of the impending storm made me rush my visit to Asheville, and snow had already blocked me from the southern reaches of the Blue Ridge Parkway. But the day before a vanguard of the system had left a blanket of snow in the Great Smoky Mountains that turned the park into an enchanting winter playground. And in Valle Crucis, I stopped to do some Christmas shopping, thereafter to be greeted by snowfall in a valley that then seemed even more removed from the modern world than ever.


Merry Christmas everyone, and thanks for you support! I hope your holiday was enchanting as these places were, and my book provided for a bit of extra magic in your year.


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