Listen to This, and I’ll Tell You About the Heartache

This weekend I’ve been thinking about a man I met in Surfside Beach, a community just to the north of Galveston.

American South (PAS) 390

When I spoke with him in 2010, this man was rebuilding his house, which had been destroyed two years earlier during Hurricane Ike. Remarkably, it wasn’t the first time he had done this. Fifty years before that his house had been destroyed in Hurricane Carla.

American South (PAS) 401

He told me about tornadoes touching down during that storm, and how even though he was terrified and thought that the world might be coming to an end, afterwards the people in the area who had lived through the Hurricane of 1900 acted as if nothing particularly odd had happened. That has stuck with me ever since. Some people live through the worst nature can throw at them, and even in the face of catastrophe they thumb their noses at it.

American South (PAS) 376

I’m hoping that the man I met seven years ago doesn’t have to rebuild again. He’s been through enough. I know, of course, that some people along the Texan coast will have to do just that. But I’m of the opinion that twice is more than any American should have to endure. Leave the resilience to someone else, for however tragic that will be to the ones affected, he has done enough to ensure the mantle of resilience the region’s people can rightfully lay claim to.

American South (PAS) 397

American South (PAS) 406

Heal up, Texas. You’ve been through this before.

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