An American Song is a book about the stories Americans tell. Not famous Americans, but common Americans– those whose stories would under normal circumstances be unlikely to find anything beyond a local audience. These great, unheralded storytellers can be found in all corners of America, and An American Song is dedicated to giving them a voice.

The process of finding them, of course, was no easy task. Over the course of 2 1/2 years, I took seven trips that when combined took me to each of the contiguous 48 states. Traversing some 80,000 miles of secondary and back roads, I left my collisions with storytellers to chance. And so I met them on the roadside, in restaurants and bars, in national parks, in their places of business– in any place where I and they happened to be at the same time. From them emerged a narrative of my country that I found to be indispensable, revealed to me simply because I opened my ears to it.

Out of these stories I gleaned something of the lives and souls of Americans, and through them– as well as through the often magnificent places through which I passed and my experiences during those years of my life– I came to a greater understanding of my place within it. The result was an experience that was both illuminating on a national scale and intimately personal in a way I never anticipated when I first set out. In An American Song I have tried to tell the story of this education– my story— as well as the stories that facilitated and motivated it.

This page is committed to continuing that work by offering additional content and promoting discourse about everything related in the book. I hope you choose to participate in this process.

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